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Welcome to The Swedish East Indiaman Gothenburg III adventure and virtually, her first trip to China.

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Sixth rib 
raised the 17th of February 1997, 25k

The sixth rib of the East Indiaman Götheborg III raised the 17th of February 1997.
Click for a close up. Photos by Sten Zackrisson, SZ-Bild 1997 .

Click the map for a Virtual World Tour along the old sailing route
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D URING IT´S PERIOD OF OPERATION (1731-1813) the ships of the Swedish East India Company visited several different places. Some were carefully chosen, other they ended up at by pure chance, depending on the pequliarities of the navigational equipment of the period and the simple fact that a mid 18th century frigate only could sail with the wind.

If they found themselves heading towards land they had the anchors to brake with and this done the thing left to do was to look out for a soft place to beach.

In 1745 the unfortunate East Indiaman Götheborg foundered only 900 meter from land on returning from a more than two year long trip to China, in the harbour of Gothenburg. After a close to ten year long marine archaeological excavation of the wreck site the building of a somewhat modernized replica is now well under way.

In 2001 the East Indiaman Götheborg III will depart on her maiden voyage along the historical trade route to Asia representing Swedish trade and culture, The sponsors who take part in this trip will among themselves deside which modern destinations will be visited.

Long before that, we can all depart on a Virtual World Tour on the web. The virtual East Indiaman Götheborg III can depart with you at the steering wheel right now if you want to. Just click the satellite photo above, follow the old trade route, and experience how a trip that used to take years, today only take seconds.

Our first Virtual World Tour exhibition was held at the Gothenburg Boat Show Jan-Feb 1997. Our visitors walked in a circular exhibition, following the old Swedish East India Company trade route to Asia on satellite pictures and PC monitors connected to Internet. The reactions from you - our visitors - have been most kind and encourageing. You can still join in on our past and present Virtual World Tour. Just click on the satellite pictures here.

Soon we'll have a live web camera at the Terra Nova shipyard to make it possibly to follow the actual building of the ship which is now well under way. Mail us if you want to finance a part of the ship. We sell everything from the nails and up. (The rudder is sold). Welcome to see our list of sponsors and benefactors.

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