NOOA-11 GAC Image ©SSC Satellitbild 1993, Kiruna, 14K

After leaving the Atlantic Ocean the China-bound Götheborg made use of the "Roaring Forties" through the Indian Ocean. They looked out for the St. Paul Island and as late as possibly changed course to the north, to touch at the Java coast south of Straat Sunda. The unusually late departure now begun to take it's toll. At Java "we lost 35 men besause of the strong heat" they wrote.
The satellite photo courtesy of SSC Satellitbild, Kiruna, Sweden.


Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service
The Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service provides a range of information on the national parks, World Heritage Area, wildlife, landforms and flora of this unique island.

"The little dove that discovered Australia".
In 1606 the small Dutch ship Duyfken made a voyage of exploration from present-day Indonesia to the shores of the Cape York Peninsula in north-eastern Australia.

Sailing Ship the INDIA Lost at Sea 1841
The sailing ship the India sailed from Greenock Scotland on 4 June 1841 carrying 193 bounty immigrants and crew bound for the Australian colony of Port Phillip. On the 20th July, six weeks into the voyage and being some 200 miles from land and 1200 miles from Rio de Janeiro, the ship caught fire and sunk...

Queensland Travel and Tourist Corporation
Destination Queensland - Your Travel Guide to Australia's Sunshine State Brought to you by the Queensland Tourist and Travel Corporation.

OzArt: Australian Visual Arts on the Internet.
Provides a list of links to sites concerned with the visual arts in Australia.


Museum of Victoria: Melbourne, Victoria.
The Museum of Victoria began in 1854 as a small public collection of minerals and natural science specimens. Today, sixteen million items are housed at three major campuses and developing two new campuses.


Western Australian Maritime Museum, Perth.
An introduction to the various activities that go on in the Western Australian Maritime Museum.


The Australian National Maritime Museum
With its mixture of permanent and temporary exhibitions, a floating display of 13 important Australian vessels, programs and activities for visitors, schools, Members and volunteers, the Australian National Maritime Museum presents the rich maritime story of an island continent and its people.

Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney.
The Art Gallery of NSW is one of the largest art museums in Australia. It features Australian and international art from the past 500 years. The web site contains information on exhibitions, programs, education services and general access. Also includes a small selection of GIF images from the collection.


New Zeeland.
Söndag 11 februari 1996. Här är vägen själva resan. Nya Zeeland ses bäst från bilfönstret, ur Aftonbladet.

Virtual tour of New Zealand.

Auckland WebMuseum, Auckland.
Kia Ora! You are about to enter a wonderful world of art and culture that is unique to Aotearoa (New Zealand). As well as providing links to other cultural New Zealand pages, this site offers a glimpse at some of the treasures of the Maori, the indigenous people of Aotearoa.


Welcome to The Mauritius Home Page
sponsored by EPZDA (Export Zones Development Authority), Ministry of Industry, Mauritius.

Hotels and Travel in Mauritius.
Country-Wide Hotel Directories. Local Hotel Directories and Hotel Web Sites. Maps. Tourist Information.

Mauritius: Prototype of Paradise
Information about Mauritius' culture, history, economy, and beaches. (Richard d'Avrincourt) .

About the Mauritius Kestrel.
The Mauritius Kestrel only exists in the wild on the island of Mauritius, the former home of the extinct Dodo Bird...


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