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During the summer of 1744 the East Indiaman Götheborg finally reached Canton only to be faced with a new disaster. Their warehouse had been destroyed by fire. Some tea and porcelain had been salvaged with the assistance of the British next door. We have found huge amounts of scorched porcelain shards during our excavation of the wreck site thus confirming the story. Heavily overladen they left Canton in January 1745 with 2677 chests of tea, some 200 000 pieces of porcelain and the normal assortment of bric-a-bracs to the beloved ones back home. The 19th of February water was brought onboard in Niewe Bay at Java.
The satellite photo courtesy of SSC Satellitbild, NOOA-11 GAC Image ©SSC Satellitbild 1993, Kiruna, Sweden.

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Beijing is both the political and administrative center of P. R. China and China's single greatest repository of monuments and treasures from the imperial era. Beijing has a history of over 3,000 years, and served the role as capital for 800 years, being one of the five ancient Chinese capitals.

Beijing, City with a Certain Magic
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XIAN, showcase of imperial history
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