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Late in august 1743 the East Indiaman Götheborg reached Java and proceeded north, to the south china sea. By the height of the Mekong the winds were so unfavourably that they decided to turn around and spend the winter at Batavia, today's Jakarta. The climate was hot and humid and the living conditions in the old wooden ship less the healthy. "Here we lost 35 men in the hot weather", one of the men wrote in his diary. They supplied themselves with fresh food by fishing, by means of walking in the water, dragging a net among them. "Thanks God who spared me", one sailor wrote, "since the water was full of crocedyles".

The satellite photo courtesy of SSC Satellitbild, NOOA-11 GAC Image ©SSC Satellitbild 1993, Kiruna, Sweden.

India  Hem  Canton


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India  Hem  Canton

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